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A worldwide presence Represented in over 110 countries A network of nearly 70 distributors worldwide 3 LPG subsidiaries (Belgium, Italy and United Kingdom) Over 100 000 women treated each day worldwide In addition to the group's headquarters located in Valence (France), LPG has premises in Sophia-Antipolis (near Nice), a prestigious Parisian showroom which regularly welcomes VIP, stars and athletes and 3 training centers. For almost 25 years, LPG launched the first natural and non-invasive solution to help us all live in harmony with our bodies. Our patented technologies for the treatment of connective tissue continue to evolve and surprise with their positive effects on both health and beauty. Their effectiveness, validated by more than 85 scientific studies, gives us an unparalleled worldwide recognition. This success story is the source of our passion, which we share with all the professionals who have joined us. Thanks to our efforts, more than 100,000 people, in over 110 countries, reap the benefits of LPG techniques each and everyday. LPG's visionary philosophy proves to be more progressive than ever, with the growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve our beauty and enhance our health.

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